Introduction to XSD
• Introduction to WSDL and Webservices
• Describe Service Component Architecture (SCA)
• History of Reusability
• History of Web and Integration Technologies
• Overview of Oracle SOA Tools and their interaction
• Overview of Oracle Fusion Middleware and their presence in Oracle Fusion Applications
• Runtime Architecture of SOA

Oracle SOA Admin – Software Installation

Install Java
• Install Jdeveloper with SOA Extension
• Install Oracle XE10g
• Install Weblogic Server
• Install RCU
• Install SOA
• Configure SOA Server on Weblogic
• Test the installation using Oracle Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Service Bus (Mediator)

• Transformation (XSLT)
• Filtering
• Subscribe to Events
• Generate Events


Adapter Architecture (JCA)
• File Adapter
• Database Adapter
• JMS Adapter
• Configure Adapters (Design Time and Run-time)

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language)

Use BPEL Editor to create BPEL synchronous and asynchronous processes
• Use WSDL partner link types and BPEL partner link elements to interact with services
• Manipulating XML Data in BPEL process
• XSLT Transformation
• Use the Assign activity to manipulate data in BPEL variables
• Using Conditional Branching in a BPEL Process
• Using Repetitive Activities in a BPEL Process
• Using Parallel Processing in a BPEL Process
• Switch/if, Flow, FlowN, forEach
• Non-blocking Invocation pattern
• Explain concept of Dehydration
• Various Interaction patterns
• Invoking Synchronous Webservice from a BPEL process
• Invoking Asynchronous Webservice from a BPEL process
• Using Fault Handling and Exception in a BPEL Process
• Transactions and Propagating Faults
• Compensation Handling in a BPEL Process
• Using BPEL Process Manager Sensors to monitor the BPEL data
• Using Business Rules in a BPEL Process
• Using Human Task in a BPEL Process
• Using Adapters in a BPEL Process
• Using Alarm Activity
• Using Pick Activiity
• Using Invoke, Receive Activities
• Using Scope and Sequence
• Generating Events from a BPEL Process
• Subscribing Events from a BPEL Process

Business Rules

Design Business Rule
• Create RuleSet
• Create Rules using if/then
• Create Rules using Decision Table
• Define Global Variables
• Define List of Values, List of Range
• Create Decision Service
• Integrate Business Rule with BPEL Process
• Use SOA Composer to change the rules dynamically in a running Process

Human Task Services

Design a human task
• Configure in-built outcomes of a task.
• Define a custom outcome and use it in a task
• Define Input Data for a human task
• Deal with different types of Task Assignments
• Describe various types of Assignment Patterns
• Single and Multiple Assignments
• Serial and Parallel Stages
• Management Chain
• Use ldapconnection to search Users
• Define Task Form (Auto generate)
• Describe how to customize Task Form
• Use BPM Worklist to act on tasks
• Approve, Reject, Request Additional Info, Reasign

Securing Services

Describe the role and features of Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)
• Describe security and identity propagation
• Attach security policies to end points at design-time and run-time
• Use UserNameToken to secure a Service
• Use SAML Protection Service Token to secure a Service
• Use SAML Protection Client Token to propagate security token

Testing SOA Composite Application

Create TestSuites to test a SOA Composite Application
• Use Inbound Messages
• Emulate Outbound, Fault and Callback Messages
• Run Test Suites
• Verify the Test Results and examine details of the results

Event Driven Network (EDN)

Define Events
• Generate Events using BPEL
• Generate Events using Mediator
• Subscribe to Events using Mediator
• Subscribe to Events to using BPEL


Describe the benefits of governance for SOA
• Describe the main features of Oracle Enterprise Repository/Registry
• Describe life cycle management

Basics of Oracle Service Bus Service Mediation

Differentiate between when to use Mediator and when to use Service Bus
• Explain the role of Service Bus and the benefits it provides
• Proxy Service, Business Service and Pipeline
• Explain Throttling
• Explain Endpoint management
• Explain Caching scale Business Services

Oracle 12C New features

BPEL – Subprocess
• Rethrow in BPEL
• Design time MDS
• Mapping using Xquery
• Mobile Channel Enablement
• JDeveloper SOA Debugger
• SOA Tester in JDeveloper
• Jdeveloper Fault Policy Editor

Oracle SOA Admin – Important Activities

Deploy and undeploy SOA composite application using Jdeveloper
• Deploy, undeploy, retire SOA composite applications through OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control)
• Generating and using Deployment Configuration Plans
• Creating JDBC Data sources in Weblogic Server
• Configuration of Outbound Connections for DB Adapter
• Configuration of Outbound Connections for JMS Adapter
• Monitor components deployed to SOA Suite using OEM
• Troubleshoot a deployed SOA Suite application using OEM
• Managing multiple versions and default of the same composite applications using OEM
• Understand the difference and use of default and other versions of a composite applications
• Introduction to User Messaging Service (UMS)
• Configuration of Logging levels for different components of SOA
• Acting on Faults
• Attaching/Detaching Policies on SOA Composite components

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