Ruby On Rails

Objectives of the Course

 Ruby fundamentals
 install and configure Ruby and Rails
 Explore the Model-view-Controller architecture for server-side applications
 Build the data-driven applications with Rails
 AJAX Programming in Rails
 Perform test-driven development of Rails applications

Pre-requisites of the Course

 Basic knowledge of any programming language like Html, Javascript

Who can attend this course

 Anyone with interest in web programming and introductory knowledge of HTML

Ruby on Rails Course Content


 What is Ruby
 Why ruby
 General purpose of ruby
 Brief History of Ruby
 Where does ruby get its ideas
 Ruby Installation with RVM
 Creating a basic script in ruby
 Sample demo of ruby program

RVM(ruby version manager)

 Rvm installation
 Rvm commands
 Rvm Usage

Working in Linux(Ubuntu) Platform

 Basic Linux commands
 File/Directory Permissions
 Changing access rights
 Text Editors used for ROR

Ruby Operators & Ruby Shell

 IRB – Ruby Shell
 Working with Ruby operators and expressions
 Numeric Methods
 Rand and Ranges

 Strings, Escaping, Interpolation
 String methods
 Dates and Times

Ruby Datatypes & Variables

 Ruby Datatypes
 Numbers, Boolean, Strings, Arrays, Hashes, Symbols.
 Types of Variables(Global, Instance, Class, Local, Constant, Pseudo)
 Difference between local & instance variables
 Parallel Assignment
 Variable conditions

Ruby methods and modules

 Basic ruby methods
 Return values from methods, return statements
 Class methods
 Different ways to call methods
 Ruby modules and Mixins
 Ruby require and include statement
 Difference between class and module

OOP in Ruby

 Class
 The initialize method
 The accessor & setter method
 Access Control
 Class Inheritance
 Method Overriding
 Operator Overloading
 Singleton methods
 Metaclass
 Defining Attributes
 Variable types in Ruby
 Super
 Regular Expressions
 Exceptions

Basic loops and iterators

 Conditional operators
 Case Statement


Rails Installation and Ruby gems

 What is Rails
 Full tack Framework

 Rails Strength
 COC(convention over configuration)
 Rails Installation
 Ruby and Rails installation on Linux
 Ruby Gems
 Working with RubyGems
 Gem commands
 Framework Technology
 Rails Components
 How do Rails works in MVC


 MySQL Introduction
 Installation
 Start/Stop MySQL
 Basic Mysql operators
 Creating user and database in MySQL


 Creating a Sample Application with Rails
 Rails Installation
 Folder Structure
 Setup the application
 Rake

RAILS Model, Controller and Views

 What is the controller?
 Architecture Diagram for Controller
 Creating a Controller
 Methods and Actions
 Parameters(params)
 Controller Default methods
 Scaffolding
 Routing
 Restful Resources
 CRUD Verbs and Actions
 Filters(Before,After,Around)


 What is model
 Active record Basics
 Destroy a model
 Migrations
 Modify, update a model
 Dropping a database

 Association, Validation and callbacks
 Why Association
 Without and with Association
 Types of Association
 Active Record validations
 Callbacks & types of callbacks


 Embedded Ruby
 Working in HAML
 Working with Ajax, Jquery in Rails framework

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